Moooooving Your Special Cargo

Hyndman is a member of the Ontario Trucking Association Livestock Transports' Division (OTA-LTD). In order for any of our drivers to be able to transport livestock, they must have, without exception, participated and completed the Ontario Trucking Association's Livestock Transporters' Course successfully.

This course is designed to train livestock drivers to safely and securely transport animals while remaining sensitive to the animals' needs. Drivers learn to adjust their driving techniques to accommodate for the behavioural differences between the animals that they are transporting in order to ensure the welfare of the animals they are transporting is not jeopardized. Animals transported by our livestock drivers are treated with patience and care from loading, during transport, unloading and sorting. The welfare of the live cargo is the number one priority of a Hyndman livestock driver.

Our 53 foot tri-axle combination freight livestock trailers are capable of hauling 55,000 lbs. or 24,500 kg. in Canada and 51,000 lbs. in the United States.

The trailers are fully vented for the livestock of course, but after conversion (installing plastic board sides) and sealing with plastic they are waterproof and offer the opportunity for western bound freight.

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