The Latest & Greatest

All of our tractors are equipped with satellite technology, on-board document scanners and direct-to-driver communication equipment.

Our tractor and trailer fleet is kept in good working order by our in-house maintenance staff to ensure their reliability and to meet all safety requirements.

Our tandem dry van trailers are all 53 cubic ft. high, are equipped with air ride and contain logistics tracking. They are capable of transporting 45,000 lbs. between Canada and the USA and 50,000 lbs. within Canada.

We also have 30 Tri-axle 53′ Dry Van trailers with payload capabilities up to 60,000 lbs. for transportation of product to and from Western Canada.  For service to New York City, we have 20 Tandem Axle 48' Dry Van trailers.


Internal Dimensions
Length: 52' 6"
Width: 98.5"
Height: 110"